we do exactly what we always wanted:
playing our own songs, creative and down-to-earth.                 New Sounds and yet familiar sounds.
One fan put it this way:
"I thought there was a great 70s cover band playing, but man, that's real!"

Sabine van Wel played her guitar at small events for the first time at the age of 13. She lives with sled dogs on a farm on the North Sea. The originality of these dogs and the work with the sled team in rough nature are her 2 passions from which she draws a lot of strength for her life. In her work as a singer, her strength is the unconditional creativity to form melody and text immediately on every chord progression. In the Netherlands and Germany she worked with well-known producers as a backing vocalist and participated in a variety of rock and pop productions.

Fascinated by the guitar sound of the sixties and seventies, he only wanted to play guitar in a rock band. Of course, that was only possible on the side - during his studies and part-time. With the first band "Shake Well", Burkhard Freiberg played rock music in a student band at the University of Applied Sciences in Dieburg/Germany. After moving from Dieburg to Heide in Dithmarschen, the guitar was picked up in the band "JUNE" from the end of 1982. Two CDs were released in 1996 and 1999. From 2012 he also plucked the guitar strings in the bands "Last Exit", "Frisch Gestrichen" and most recently in "Z", before joining PACE in early 2017. PACE became Sabine van Wel & Band in 2020.

the man for the deep tones from Valjevo in Serbia has been at home in Dithmarschen/Germany for several years. As a teenager, he became interested in music late in life and initially began to play the drums. Since his best friend could already play the drums at a higher level, Aleks switched to his current instrument, the bass. In 6 years with the band Demode in Serbia 2 albums were created. He has been pursuing his passion for music for around 20 years.

Music: Rock and Funk 1960-2000s

Role models/influences: Flea, Mark King, Stuart Zender, Paul Turner, Koja, Bojan Pecar

Musical versatility, song-friendly drumming and flexibility characterize Marc Fischer's playing style. He has already worked as a sideman in numerous bands of various styles (rock, pop, jazz, salsa, blues, rockabilly...) on a national and international level. The music took him back and forth through Germany, to Belgium and France. It doesn't matter whether it's a small club gig, a festival (e.g. Turnhout Festival in Belgium) or the State Theater in Wiesbaden: you can see and hear the joy of music.
classical training on the piano,
Drum training at Drummers Focus in Munich,
Cultural award winner of the district of Roth,
Several weeks of study in Havana, Cuba, with Rolando Salgado Palacio.
Private student of Rolando Salgado Palacio (Afrocuban Allstars) and Fabian Sirgado Perez